Teacher Assessment Test — 12 Questions +1

Posted: 2011/03/12 in Classroom Teacher, Education, High School, Students

You want to determine which teachers should stay in the classroom. What questions would you ask? If you’re a teacher try these:

1. A student has been disruptive and then goes over the top cursing you out. You tell the student to go to the dean’s office but he sits down and refuses to go. You…

A. Argue with the student so it becomes a power struggle that wastes another ten minutes of class time
B. Calmly phone the dean’s office and ask for someone to escort the student from your classroom

2. What’s most important?

A. Sticking with the curriculum
B. Helping young people grow

3. One of your students has “fallen through the cracks” and is no longer attending school. You feel…

A. Relief that you have one less kid in your room
B. Profoundly sad and wondering how you could have done a better job

4. Have you ever cried when you found out one of your graduates died through violence or through their own hand?

A. Why would I cry? He was a rotten kid anyway.
B. Only in bed at night

5. Your union has negotiated some furlough days without pay during the year. Because of that you have a 3-day weekend coming up. You feel…

A. Angry that you get less pay but looking forward to getting wasted over the 3-day weekend.
B. Angry that you get less pay and concerned about whether your kids will retain anything over the 3-day weekend. (None of which precludes you getting wasted over the weekend.)

6. You find out one of your kids is hungry — no breakfast, no lunch. You…

A. Go “tsk, tsk” and next weekend at brunch tell everyone how sad this made you feel
B. Do what you have to but find some way to get food for this kid!

7. One of your students arrives to class obviously trying to hide the fact that she/he has been crying and has a bruised eye. You…

A. Ignore this student and go on with your lesson
B. Find out what kind of help this young person needs

8. When you arrive at work on a typical morning you think…

A. I have to face these brats to get another day closer to my pension.
B. Another day, another chance to try to have a positive impact on some young people.

9. A hard-working boy in your class has applied for a summer internship. Then you find out that his reluctance to go to an interview is because he doesn’t have a suitable shirt — he only owns t-shirts. You…

A. Tell him that if he was that unprepared for a workplace he shouldn’t have applied for a summer position like this.
B. Find him a shirt — find one from your own closet or get one donated from a teacher who’s the right size; if all else fails, go to a thrift store.

10.You hear a boy yell the word “faggot” at another boy in the hall. You…

A. Pretend you didn’t hear. It’s not your concern.
B. Stop and make clear to that boy (and anyone else within earshot) that bullying and name-calling will not be tolerated in school.

11. The federal government lays down an edict that all teachers must provide a list of any students they suspect could be illegal immigrants. You…

A. Give them a list of all your students who aren’t blond (plus a few of the blond ones who have long hard-to-pronounce last names).
B. Give them the names Donald Duck and Rufus T. Firefly and tell them what they can do with their edict.

12. As a teacher do you understand the importance of maintaining a sense of humor?

A. I have no idea what you’re talking about.
B. Absolutely! Humor calms more situation than stern lectures ever could.


13. Honestly, how long did it take you to figure out this quiz was rigged and you needed to answer B on every question to get a high score?

A. What? No, really?
B. Certainly by the third question


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