Playground Bullies

Posted: 2011/03/19 in Classroom Teacher, Education, Students
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There’s an 8-year-old Chinese boy who ran home crying today because some mean kid pulled the outside of his eyes upwards and went “ching-chong ching-chong.”

I clicked on a Yahoo link to see a listing of who would guest on the Sunday news shows. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a handful of Democratic legislators, some foreign leaders, plus Republicans including Congressional leaders Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

The first comment under this Yahoo posting read “This should be called a list of queers and commies.”

Why is America glorifying bullies? We hear about the lack of civility in public life. That lack of civility trickles down to the nasty name-calling in America’s playgrounds.

Rush Limbaugh mocked Chinese accents on his show (including “ching chong” in his script). California State Sen. Leland Yee called Limbaugh on this insulting behavior. For his effort Yee has received death threats from people who call him a “Marxist.” Words used to have definitions. “Marxist” actually meant something. And it didn’t mean a person who disapproved of stale ethnic insult jokes.

Where is reason? Where is anyone learning to make a cogent argument to support a point of contention? Persuasion? If you can yell loudest and push hardest, you win the argument.

Of course if Limbaugh saw this blog he would spew off his usual put-downs to prove he’s right. Where are the voices to outshout him? Who taught that playground bully that it was acceptable to mock someone because they were different? And ultimately where are the voices of decency — the moral high road — to care about that 8-year-old Chinese kid?

I blew up at one of my freshmen classes last week over the word “faggot.” I asked if they knew the phrase “What goes around comes around.” I told them that if they go around spreading nastiness and name-calling, they would end up living in a world of nastiness and name-calling. (The problem of course is the rest of us end up living in that world as well.)

That 8-year-old Chinese kid is the one who deserves your apology, Mr. L. You’ve also done a disservice to that mean little playground bully (30% of kids who bully end up charged with crimes as adults). And until you and your followers recognize that, you’re making the world an uglier place.

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Bullying sucks. From what I read I want to shame those people who make the world a nastier place to live.

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